Phap Luan Cong Viet Nam - An Overview

(appropriate) mindfulness The exercise whereby anyone is intentionally conscious of his / her thoughts and actions during the present instant, non-judgmentally. The 7th step from the Noble Eightfold Route

mantra Chant made use of generally to help concentration, to succeed in enlightenment. The most effective-recognized Buddhist mantra is potentially Om mani padme hum

In this particular checklist, an attempt has been produced to prepare conditions by their primary variety and provides translations and synonyms in other languages combined with the definition.

This really is also the point of confluence in between the Ruak River (which follows the Thai–Myanmar border) along with the Mekong. The realm of this tripoint is sometimes termed the Golden Triangle, although the expression also refers back to the much bigger spot of Individuals three nations that was infamous to be a drug developing region.

More than 25 per cent on the necessarily mean annual stream quantity for the mainstream at Kratie arises from these a few river basins. These are The main element factor inside the hydrology of this Portion of the process, In particular into the Tonle Sap flow reversal.[8]

bhavacakra/bhavacakka A round symbolic representation of samsara, also known as Wheel of turning out to be

dhammavinaya The dharma and vinaya (roughly "doctrine and self-discipline") thought of jointly. This time period essentially indicates The entire teachings of Buddhism as taught to monks

The internal drainage styles on the Mekong are unusual when linked here put next to Those people of other substantial rivers.

Pratyekabuddha/Paccekabuddha, lit. "a buddha by his possess", A buddha who reaches enlightenment on his personal

abhidhamma A class of scriptures that attempts to make use of Buddhist teachings to develop a scientific, abstract description of all worldly phenomena

osho A expression made use of to address a monk from the Zen Buddhist tradition. At first reserved for top-position monks, it's click resources got considering that been appropriated for day to day use when addressing any male member from the Zen Get More Info clergy

kensho In Zen, enlightenment; has the identical which means as satōri, but is customary utilized for an initial awakening experience

namo An exclamation demonstrating reverence; devotion. Often placed before the identify of the item of veneration, e.

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